How to Purchase Singing Bowls Properly

Singing Tibetan bowls were actually believed to come from Tibet estimated around 4 thousand years ago. Also, Tibetan monks have been known to be the secret users of singing bowls. Even before Buddhist came, there were actually shamans that have practiced using the bowls.
If you wonder how to buy singing bowls, it is important that you are really careful when it comes to buying them. You need to know the basic factors to choosing one that's right. What you are going to find below are some of the tips you need to follow in buying Tibetan singing bowls.
The first one would be in giving yourself more time in analyzing the bowls and in finding a good one that you really like. Singing Tibetan bowls are actually called as healing bowls that could be used in healing both mind and body. This likewise is utilized to give aid in meditation.
In case you will go to your local stores, you should try testing the sound through striking the bowl with the use of a stick. Singing Tibetan bowls from are being played with a thick wooden stick that is covered with soft leather to one end. You also could either strike the bowl or rub its edge with the striker in order to produce a ringing and resonant tone for several minutes with several layers of tones. The note also needs to be rich and heavy. When you are choosing, the sound of the bowl must touch your heart and that it should actually impress you.
When you are buying through the internet, you need to check if the site comes with audio clips of the bowls from that are being sold. All good stores need to have audio clips. The store needs to give you with samples in order to check on its quality.
Try to also look and feel the various designs to which are carved on the healing bowls. They actually hold a significant meaning. You only need to choose the ones to which are most suitable for you.
The last important factor would be where you should never miss in checking if the bowl is made through a machine or is made through hands. This would be the beauty and the specialty of the singing bowls because each of the ones that are handmade are unique and are special. The machine made singing bowls are actually just duplicate to another. The quality of sound and vibration is also low than the handmade singing bowls.
These are the essential things that you need to consider in your selection process. Through this, you will be able to make a unique purchase.